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its that time agaaaaain....gonna upload a bunch of stuff that ive worked on lately cause im retarded and forget to just post regularly 


2016-02-17 04:35:48 by LinaktheDoodler

forgot all about this page...time to update it with not year old art...

Adieu to you my former sleeping pattern...where i awoke with the sun rising above the horizon but now as i see you peaking through my window all i feel is the anticipation of my dead weight head hitting the flat pillow that I've used as a back support for the past few hrs....goodnight...

Kinda new to new grounds

2015-08-06 17:41:39 by LinaktheDoodler

So I've probably been a lurker of new grounds for a few years and honestly haven't ever been brave enough to actually start submitting content of my own until now... Over the past year I've been working harder and harder on my art and I've realized that now the only way it could get better (not saying there isn't room for improvement there always is) is if i have some outside opinions from other people that are willing to help give some advice on current works I've already done to improve down the line! hope you guys and gals will like atleast some of the stuff that I'll put up here!!