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is it me or does the guy kinda sound like razzadoop??

this is hilarious and an awesome art style

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loved the amount of references lol and I think i caught a pbg in there

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fantastic game (you almost lost me in that second boss but i was determined to kill that fucker) even in this unfinished state it was a fun ride. It's such a shame why so many programmers dropped out... but the art and the music were so on point and I'm glad those guys stayed around because I loved finding more of those little "examine" promps and the music was intense especially the final boss! if you ever need an artist or a second opinion on a sequel to this I would love to help out because while playing I had a few ideas in mind

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Emptygoddess responds:

Yeah, the final boss music is sweeeeet.

I loved it! figuring stuff out gave you a huge incentive to keep pushing forward even if you were stuck for a bit! truly a great not game

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I really liked it but i definitely get the feeling you kinda wanted it out of your hair lol beginning sounds solid but as it picks up i felt it lost something still a good song though! granted idk dick about music so don't know how much this is worth really

Quarl responds:

Everyone is entitled to their feels. You don't have to be a professional to suggest an honest opinion and sometimes people with no experience have valid concerns regarding a persons work. Thanks for the review Dood :)

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super dig this man! makes me wish i had some 3d glasses to stare at it a bit longer lol

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coconutbrainsurgery responds:


super cool piece!! might have been a bit better imo with his legs a bit longer he seems a bit too squashed down but otherwise i super dig this!

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pretty rad work! only thing i would recommend to improve is to maybe go over with a clean black line so it looks a bit less sketchy and makes the design pop more i think this design specifically would benefit with a nice strong line but that's just my opinion

Rennis5 responds:

Yes, I have been contemplating this because if I do it nice and clean I can put it up on my RedBubble account.

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